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    Frequently Asked Wireless Questions

    1. Does weather effect the connection?

    No, weather does not have an affect on the connection or speed. Unlike Satellite internet, pouring rain, or dark storm clouds to not cause the signal to be lost, or speed to be compromised.

    2. How does wireless compare to cable modems?

    It is capable of operating up to 4 times faster than a cable modem. And it does not slow down with heavy use like cable modems do.

    3. Can the connection be shared between multiple computers in home or business?

    Yes, by use of an internet sharing device (proxy server, or NAT). Such devices cost just less than one hundred dollars.

    4. How fast is the connection?

    4.8 Megabits per second, in each direction.

    5. How many emails are included with business account?

    Ten mailboxes are included with the business account.

    6. Does VPN work with the wireless connection?

    Yes, Virtual private networking will work with the connection.

    7. Do we have a static IP?

    Yes, each customer is assigned a static IP.

    8. Does each computer have its own IP?

    Yes, each computer will have its own IP.

    9. How long have you been providing wireless internet access?

    Since 1998. We did our first business class wireless trial in the spring of 1998. However, only recently has the price of the equipment become low enough to the point where it is feasible for the mainstream population.

    10. Do I have to pay for the equipment before the service is installed?

    Yes, we require that equipment is purchased before service is installed. If previous arrangements are made we can also spread the initial equipment cost over 3 months.

    11. Once I agree to sign up for wireless how long before it will be installed?

    This depends on how many customers are signed up in line ahead of you.

    12. Where do you mount the antenna?

    Wherever we can get a good signal. Typically, this is the highest point possible on the house, but each installation is unique. We will always work with the customer to make sure the antenna is installed in a location that's agreeable to the customer. We will also make sure that all cable routing, and cable color (from the rooftop, to the PC) is done in a way that is not objectionable to the customer.

    13. How much will my connection slow down when other computers in the business or home are using connection?

    Only if the other computers are doing large file downloads. In normal usage, there will be little or no speed loss if the connection is used by multiple computers in a business or home setting.

    14. What is the equipment cost?

    The basic minimum cost for the equipment is $299.00. This represents the cost of the antenna. The basic installation will provide high speed access to one computer in your home or office. A sharing box or cable/dsl router will be needed if additional connections are needed within home or business. Sharing box and 10/100 nic cards are additional cost. You can purchase sharing box and network card from Netconnect or purchase them from any computer supply store.

    15. What is the cost to have equipment installed?

    Netconnect does not charge for the installation at this time.

    16. What is the monthly charge?

    The monthly charge for a home user is $39.95 per month and the business rate is $89.95 per month.
17. Who can get service?

Anyone that is in range of one of our many broadcast towers. We have three towers inside the City limits of Monticello, one in Hopkinton, one in Manchester, and one just outside of Cascade. We have various equipment that we can reach from 2 miles, to beyond 20 miles from each tower. All of it carrier grade equipment manufactured specifically for use in a wireless ISP environment. None of it is based on the 802.11 standard.

18. How does wireless compare to cable modems or DSL?

We think it is superior to both. It has the higher speed advantages of cable modems, with the "dedicated line" advantage of DSL. Because we don't have miles of phone/tv cables to maintain, we have lower cost of operation that either DSL or cable providers, and we can use this to provide more bandwidth for the same, or lower monthly cost.

19. Will it work with my WiFi 802.11 base station?

Yes. We use 5.2 Ghz. 5.8 Ghz and 900 Mhz equipment that does not interfere with the 2.4 Ghz 802.11 equipment.

20. How fast is the connection?

Burstable to 4.8 Megabits per second, in each direction. For quick "bursty" transfers such as moving from web page to web page, this is the speed that is typical. For longer transfers that last more than a few seconds such as file downloads, each customer is capped at 1 Mbit of dedicated bandwidth in each direction, to prevent congestion and the possibility of slowing down other users. Business users get about 1.5m Mits/sec and business users' traffic takes precedence over home users' traffic.

21. Can I put this in my car/van/camper and use it while I drive around?

No. Our equipment is not intended for mobile use, and will not work while in motion. It is made for fixed use only, to be installed at a single physical location only.

22. Wow, that's a lot of bandwidth, will it stay that fast if I download 20 hours a day?

Yes, the connection is capable of continous use without impacting the speed of other users, however, because of high costs involved with providing such a premium service, we set limits on total monthly data transfer.

23. What are the monthly transfer limits?

For home users, total of 10 Gigabytes of data, transferred, per month, 20 gigabytes for businesses. It would take take a typical internet user clicking to the different web page once every 6 seconds, 24 hours a day, for an entire month, to reach this limit.

24. What will it cost if I go over the transfer limit? Can I check my usage for me?

No, we do not have available service for checking past usage that is available to our users. However, we will never charge someone extra for going over the transfer limit without a warning first. If we see what we think is abusive or excessive use of the service, we will first notify the user, and work with them to possibly move them to a different plan, or a customized pricing plan before we ever issue any extra charges. We don't think that slammig someone with extra charges without any prior notification is a fair or honest business practice.

25. What is the latency (ping time)?

Latency to the core of the internet is 25 ms to 65 ms. Although this speed could be affected by the amount of traffic to a specific site, server or the overall internet traffic during peak times.

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